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Knockout Cell Lines

Hysigen provides free consultations and professional platforms for modifying thousands of cell lines within as fast as 8 weeks of delivery with a price as low as $2,799

Knockin Cell Lines

Hysigen offers an efficient CRISPR knock-in service, starting at $5,399 supported by 24/7 technical assistance, featuring a novel CRISPR knock-in method ensuring guaranteed success.

Point Mutation Cell Line

Hysigen's point mutation cell service, starting at $6299 , has successfully modified over 200 mammalian cell lines, iPSCs, and ECs, with positive clones delivered within 14 weeks.

Inducible Gene Expression

Hysigen offers regulable expression with validation data, starting at $2,799 and providing in as fast as 9 weeks, and ensures highly efficient and stable expression for over 20 passages, regardless of gene size.

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Accelerate research, empower industry