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Customized Peptide Synthesis


Hysigen has cooperated with Go Top Peptide Biotech to provide customizable peptides, such as

-       research peptides

-       neoantigen peptides

-       clinicalpeptides, etc

Key Advancements

-      cutting-edge peptide modification technology

-      peptide length up to 100+ amino acids

-      a competitive price with a cost-saving and time-saving strategy, while ensuring the quality of products




Peptide Length

Synthesis of peptides, cyclic dipeptideslarger than 100 amino acids

Cyclized peptide

Polypeptides with more than 4 pairs of disulphide bonded cyclic peptides, first amide bonded cyclic peptides, side chain amide bonded cyclic peptides, amide bonded cyclic peptides with disulphide bonded cyclic peptides

Fluorescent modification

Cy3, Cy5 and other fluorescent labels, Dabcyl/Edans quenching combination, AMC, PNA, Dansyl, MCA

Special material modification

Glycosylation-modified peptides, phosphorylation and sulfonation-modified peptides, azide (alkyl)-modified peptidesArg(me), Arg(Me)2(asymetrial), Arg(Me)2(symetrical)-modified peptidesLys(Me), Lys(Me)2, Lys(Me)3-modified peptides


Coupling via Cys, or via carboxy-terminal coupling KLH,BSA,OVA

Branch peptide

Lys, Orn dibranched, tetrabranched, octabranched polypeptides; Asp, Glu dibranched, tetrabranched, octabranched polypeptides

RGD peptide

RGD cyclic and modified peptides

Neoantigenic peptide

Design and development of cell-penetrating peptides, antimicrobial peptides, drug-carrying peptides, and production of neo-antigenic peptides for tumours (GMP-compliant operation)

Anti-coronavirus peptide

Design and synthesis of new coronavirus-associated peptides for popular targets with comprehensive support

Peptide library

Overlapping peptide libraries, amino acid screening peptide libraries, positional screening peptide libraries, random peptide libraries (promiscuous peptide libraries)

Other peptides

Peptide analogues, stapled peptides, salivary acid peptides, cholesterol peptides, Hynic peptides, etc.

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